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Paul's TARC team ranks 17th in the 2015 finals out of 700 teams in the USA!


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Paul, Jared and Connor have been competing in TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge) since 2011. The competition is open to groups of 7-12 graders and requires flying model rockets to precisely targeted altitudes and times. The team has been learning a lot about planning, teamwork and communication as well as having a lot of fun flying rockets. TARC information at: rocketcontest.org

TARC 2015 - Fairhaven High School TARC team ranks 17th in the 2015 finals
out of 700 teams in the USA - Congratulations!
Nicole, Austin, Brandon, Robert and Tristan joined - expanding the team to eight members - and doing great work

Nice article about the "FHS Rocketry Team" aka "Gentle Folk in Lab Coats" in the New Bedford Standard Times

Rocketry Forum thread detailing the team's excellent performance at the TARC 2015 finals

The team produced 5 different rockets and flew many test flights.
Four rockets with 3D printed fins and one finless rocket that will not be forgotten by all who witnessed it - or ever flown again.

On March 21st the team drove 100 miles to the launch as light snow was falling.
Snowfall tapered off during the first hour of the launch window. (second picture below)
Winds stayed extremely low and the team kept flying.

Three hours into the launch, with only an hour of flying time left, the team finally got the excellent practice flight they had been looking for. They immediately flew their three qualification flights with their last 3 engines, flying the last qualification flight 5 minutes before the close of the launch event.

Their first two qualification flights were only 5 and 13 feet off from the 800 ft goal, and had good recoveries, with scores of 11 and 27. These added together to a low enough score to get to the 2015 TARC finals. Good Job team!

TARC 2013 and 2014 - Fairhaven High School TARC team    Click on any picture to enlarge
The team worked hard building and flying rockets, but did not qualify for the finals.

TARC 2013 efforts pictured here - the challenge: fly a rocket to 750 feet, flight duration 48-50 seconds, payload one raw egg placed horizontally, external diameter of rocket 60+ millimeters, recovery by 15 inch diameter parachute,
gross liftoff weight of no more than 650 grams, and rocket motor total impulse limit of 80 N-sec.


TARC 2012 - Hastings Middle School TARC team - Narrowly missed qualifying for 2012 finals despite a solid effort

The 2012 TARC Challenge: fly a rocket to 800 feet, flight duration 43-47 seconds, payload two raw eggs,
gross liftoff weight of no more than 650 grams and rocket motor total impulse limit of 80 N-sec.

The HMS TARC team did very good work this year, putting in many weekends of preparation and a solid performance in their attempts to qualify for TARC 2012. They greatly improved the consistency of their flights, with a much better average flight result than last year, but unfortunately did not have a repeat of the very lucky qualifying flight that they did in 2011.

In 2011 the cutoff score for TARC finals was just over 15, with over 330 scores submitted.
HMS TARC qualification attempt scores were 38, 110 and 6, and made the finals. 
In 2012 the cutoff score for TARC finals was just over 12, with over 400 scores submitted.
HMS TARC qualification attempt scores were 20 and 17, and did not make the finals.
The number of teams and the level of competition for TARC 2012 was impressive.

The HMS TARC team got the best results of any of the 20 teams that flew at CMASS, they got the respect
of the many CMASS fliers and they got an applause from those CMASS fliers after their last qualification flight attempt.

I look forward to continuing to work with the boys over the next year in preparation for TARC 2013.

TARC 2011 - Hastings Middle School TARC team qualifies for 2011 finals - Congratulations!
                                                                       Click on any picture to enlarge

Jared, Paul and Connor working with RockSim                          on the field

                  the team recovering a rocket                          prepping a flight               liftoff on the flight that made them finalists

The 2011 TARC challenge: build a rocket that flies a raw egg to 750 feet and back without breaking it,
uses a 15" parachute and takes 40 to 45 seconds to complete the task.

From 48 states 607 teams entered the 2011 TARC challenge and the best 100 scores were selected as finalists.
Hasting Middle School in Fairhaven, MA was one of only two teams to qualify in New England.
The vast majority of competing teams are from high schools.

TARC finals are held at the beautiful Great Meadow in The Plains, VA. The boys did a great job
and finished 38th in the finals with a score of 28, having great time in the process.

They did a lot of work building and tuning their rocket and felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in a TARC final.

Thanks to all the great folks at CMASS for providing a fun and supportive flying environment.
Thank you Howard Greenblatt for sponsoring RoadRunner motors and loaning us a Fade to Black rail.

On the way home we stopped by the Smithsonian Air and Space Udvar-Hazy Center
and saw the amazing planes and rockets on display, including an SR-71 Blackbird, Shuttle and Concorde.

                                       Howard picking out his next rocket to fly